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Good Help is Hard to Find. I've Changed That.

Building, Optimizing, and Supporting Voxel Websites Is My Thing.

Not Hiring Me May Cost You More in the Long Run.

My Pain. Your Gain.

Over the years, I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to WordPress, and I’ve lost track of how many WordPress projects I’ve rescued.

Many “professionals” learn on the job while getting paid for that job, and those same “professionals” may fail to deliver, which costs you time and more money.

If you’ve never had to unravel a complete mess that someone has created on your WordPress website, lucky you. If you have, I’m sorry. I know how much time and money it takes to undo that problem.

Clients keep returning to me because I do things correctly the first time, and I never allow them to pay me to learn.


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How I Can Help

As a WordPress user, I understand the challenge of putting all the pieces together, and I would love to help you on your journey.

Whether helping clients build a WordPress website from scratch or just helping them get over the finish line, I have had a hand in more WordPress projects than I can count.

  • Bolster Infrastructure While Maintaining Simplicity.
  • Reduce Operational Cost.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Procurement, Implementation, and Management.
  • Domain Hosting Procurement, Implementation, and Management.
  • Web Hosting Procurement, Implementation, and Management.
  • Procure, implement, and manage Website Hosting.
  • WordPress Core Implementation According to Best Practices.
  • WordPress Core Performance Optimization.
  • WordPress Core Configuration for Desired Functionality.
  • WordPress Core Personalization to Match Branding.
  • WordPress Plugin Implementation According to Best Practices.
  • WordPress Plugin Performance Optimization.
  • WordPress Plugin Configuration for Desired Functionality.
  • WordPress Plugin Personalization to Match Branding.
  • Voxel Parent and Child Theme Implementation According to Best Practices.
  • Voxel Theme Performance Optimization.
  • Voxel Theme Configuration for Desired Functionality.
  • Voxel Theme Personalization to Match Branding.

I help clients with every aspect of building and designing a Voxel website.

  • Keyword Strategy Determination.
  • WordPress SEO Plugin Implementation.
  • On-Page SEO (i.e. Content Optimization).
  • Technical SEO (i.e. Performance Optimization).
  • Off-Page SEO  (i.e. External Content).
  • Google Search Console Account Setup.
  • Sitemap Submission.
  • Jumpstart Sitemap Indexing.
  • Resolution Recommendations for Reported Issues.
  • Resolution of Reported Issues.
  • Google Analytics Account Setup.
  • Set Up Filters.
  • Connect WordPress and Google Analytics.
  • Verify Tracking.
  • Google Tag Manager Account Setup.
  • Connect WordPress and Google Tag Manager.
  • Verify Tracking.
  • Auditing of the entire environment as it relates to backing up a WordPress website.
  • Adjust current backup solution(s) as needed.
  • Procure and implement new backup solution(s).
  • Functionality Overlap.
  • Current Environment Discovery.
  • New Hosting Procurement.
  • Website Migration.
  • Post Migration Testing & Resolution.
  • WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Custom Development.
  • Domain Hosting.
  • Website Hosting.
  • Auditing of the entire environment as it relates to securing a WordPress website.
  • Make recommendations based on best practices.
  • Procure and implement security solutions to proactively keep threats at bay.
  • Auditing of the entire environment as it relates to SSL certification for a WordPress website.
  • Procure and implement the proper SSL certificate.
  • Ensure all content is being served over a secure connection.
  • Auditing of the entire environment as it relates to CDN servers for a WordPress website.
  • Identify and recommend the best CDN solution for a WordPress environment.
  • Procure and implement the CDN solution according to tested and best practices.

How It Works

Step 2:
Simple Onboarding

We will work over email or a project board, depending on the number of hours purchased.

Step 3:

Leave the technical nerdy bits of your online business to me and focus on your business. 🤓

Sign up for Voxel Website Care and get 30% off my hourly support rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

My clients are my absolute #1 priority during my regular office hours (M-F, 8 – 5 p.m. EST).

No. I maintain a policy of no refunds but invite you to check out my client success stories for proof of the type of service you can expect from me.

Nope. I’m a customer and advocate for the Voxel theme.